Well, crap.

Tuesday, May 4th, 2004 | Again with the hockey

I’m a bit depressed today. The Red Wings’ season is over.

Ok, Admirals. All you. Don’t make my hockey season end in May, ok?

I shouldn’t say that. I’ll still be watching the NHL and cheering for the Sharks, though there’s a part of me that wants to do something uncharacteristic (for me, at least) and cheer for the Leafs. They’ve got Owen Nolan these days. Hmm. Decisions.

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Johnny B

Sorry, CG, but the Wings got beat because I adopted the Flames as the Official NHL Playoff Team of the JBS. They got so fired up at this honor that they went out and played over their heads.

You have my sincerest apologies.


The Wings, the Canadiens, the Bruins – all of the teams from the original NHL are gone. Sigh…

czeltic girl

And the Leafs.

Well, this makes my decision as to who to cheer for all that much easier.

Let’s go, Sharks!

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