Hmm. This hiatus isn’t going well.

Monday, August 30th, 2004 | Life in Czeltistan

It’s been brought to my attention (not by the magazine itself, mind you) that this li’l ol’ blog was featured in the current issue of Milwaukee Magazine. (Sorry, internet friends. The article seems to be dead-tree issue only.)

First Time and now this. What magazine do I get to be in next month?? :-)

Many thanks to Stacie for giving me the heads up. Y’all should go check out her blog — and all of the others mentioned in the article. It’ll give you some lovely new reading material to hold you over until I get back up and running.

I picked up a copy of the magazine over lunch. (The cover story for this issue is “Single in the City.” Coincidence?) (Wait — am I being profiled?? Tee hee.) For those of you who are living outside the area and won’t see the mag, here’s my little blurb in the article:

Czeltic Girl, a 35-year-old marketing professional, regales readers with stories of the neighbors in her East Side apartment building, some annoying, some eccentric and some beloved; her trip to Ireland (pictures included); and her encounter with a drunk ex-boyfriend. [CG's ed. note: That could probably be plural. Sigh.] But what makes this Web site eminently readable? It’s Czeltic Girl’s caustic wit; for example, her take on Michigan’s quarter: “What, where you guys out on a three-week bender instead of working on your design? ‘Oh, dudes! Crap! We forgot about the quarter!’ ‘That’s ok, man. Just send in this map. It’ll be fine.”

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HOLY CRAP! I’m impressed!

But, alas, how did I find out this interesting tidbit? Again, from your blog.

*looks away from you in disgust*

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