Oh, snap!

Wednesday, February 9th, 2005 | General

I’ve got a groovy new black cast for the next 6 weeks. I’ve got a fractured radius and I broke the tip of the ulna, both at the wrist. Also tore a tendon a wee bit, just to add to the fun. I always have to overdo it.

I go back in a week to make sure nothing’s shifted and all is healing well.

On the plus side, the client seemed very impressed that her deadline was more important to me than my medical needs. (Hey — nothing was poking through the skin and the pain was tollerable. I figured it was just a sprain. Clearly IANAD.)

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What color of marker do I use to sign a black cast?

czeltic girl

Silver, I suppose. But it’s not a plaster cast. It’s some sort of mesh. Hard to sign on.

If cast makers were really cool, they’d make ones that look like police tape. My arm could be a mini crime scene.


You are now the ruler of Ouchtown, be firm but fair in your dealings.

Speaking as one who thought he had broken every bone in his body when he just sprained his wrist, you must be tough! TOUGH AS HECK!


Ouch. Not good. I tore a tendon in my shoulder last month, and that wasn’t anywhere near as bad, though you wouldn’t have thought so the way I moaned about it. Get well soon.

A cast you can’t sign? Isn’t that something like a dog with no tail?

Wisconsin Hiker

Just decided to check your site since I hadn’t seen much on the LB boards from you lately.
I hid a new letterbox in your area this week, and thought you might be out to look for it.
From what I read here though, it’s highly doubtful. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and
a return to letterboxing in whatever spare time you have!

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