Some weekends are better than others…

Monday, March 14th, 2005 | Again with the hockey, Life in Czeltistan

…but it’d be pretty hard to beat this one.

Got in a little ice time at the Pettit on Saturday afternoon, and then caught the Admirals’ OT shootout win later that evening followed, of course, by post-game revelry at the Harp. (Additional Harp goodness: My Girl Scout cookies were waiting for me at the bar.) (What — you don’t order your Girl Scout cookies at the pub?)

Sunday’s small joy was finding out that my favorite local bookstore was giving away as many galley proofs as you wanted to take when you made a purchase. I picked up two books I was going to buy anyhow and walked away with three additional galleys, one of which was another book I was thinking of buying. Yay for free books!

Sunday’s major joy was the Interpol show at the Rave. I still don’t know how they did it, but they’re the first band I’ve ever seen there that’s been able to make that room sound good. They were outstanding. It was rhythm section heaven. And the light show…ahh, the light show. Pure stagecraft porn. Heavy on the backlighting (like such). Very Big Rock Show Experience™. Added bonus: The keyboard player had a Powerbook. (Hooray! They’re Mac users!) I only wish I’d thought to bring my camera. Ah, well.

Hmm. Looking at the Rave’s site, it looks like I’ll be back there again in April, since Paul Westerberg’s coming to town. Yay! St. Paul!

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I saw the ‘Pol on TV just before Christmas and you’re right, the whole staging / lighting vibe was excellent. Pity about the singer’s hat, mind, but they came across a lot better than I expected.

czeltic girl

Brendan: They’re coming to Dublin in June. Not sold out yet. I highly recommend it.


Hmmm… time to form a posse and invade the capital methinks.

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