Two conversations about the pope

Friday, April 1st, 2005 | Life in Czeltistan, You Call This News?

Since we’re on Popewatch, here are some amusing little pope-related conversation bits from today:

Conversation the first was with my friend who really, really (did I mention really?) dislikes this pope and included this gem of an idea from her:

Only thing is, that man has dodged death so many times I won’t believe it ’til I see it — a modern Rasputin… I’ve decided they don’t have to tell anyone anyway, they can just plant the man and make him out of jello every week — a jello pope. The idea just appeals to me. You’d have to use Cool Whip for the robes, of course…

Conversation the second is this IM between Christyl & me:

Me: Pope dead yet?
Me: Hmm. Guess not.
C: No, he’s been re-created with Jello. He will live forever.
Me: He’s probably been dead for hours. They’re just not telling us. They’re raiding his apartment for cool stuff before putting out the word.
C: Well, I would do that….is that wrong?
Me: Hell no. I bet he’s got a nice TV.
C: Oh yeah. I could so use one of those. HDTV Plasma.
Me: Totally. Probably encrusted with diamonds.
C: And gold. Lots of gold.
Me: Yup. And they probably wrapped it in priceless artwork, too.
C: Sweet. I so want that.

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