Seeing red

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005 | You Call This News?

The mollycoddling continues. Apparently now, red pens are falling out of favor with teachers because the students (and their parents) say the red ink is “stressful”.

Pardon my language, but Grow. The. Fuck. Up. Maybe you all should put this much energy into worrying about whether or not your kids can read or what they’re up to in their free time instead of bothering the nice people who are trying to help them learn. There are many, many of us out there who survived seeing red ink on our papers. I’m sure your little spoiled darlings will, as well. Hell — it may even prepare them for the real world a little.

That’s it. I’m going out and buying a truckload of red pens. Everything I write from now on will be in red. Oh, wait — with the exception of checks (‘coz I’m nice and know that red makes more work for the bank employees), it pretty much is. Y’know why? Because people notice red. That’s the whole point.

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Pete Prodoehl

I blame Minor Threat… They wrote Seeing Red.

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