Envisioneer virtual convergence

Thursday, May 5th, 2005 | Fun With Teh Intarweb

The Web Economy Bullshit Generator.

Wow. Just… wow. It’s frighteningly like sitting in on a start-up meeting.

(Thanks to work husband, SB, for the tip. And the many, many laughs, especially “grow 24/365 eyeballs.”)

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I wanna grow those! In my hydroponics garden. Not that I have a hydroponics garden. Oh no! If I had alrady grown those 24/365 eyeballs I would have foreseen this incriminating statement.


The perfect antidote to meeting burnout, indeed. I have a friend with a hydroponics garden SB, tho’ I don’t think he’s tried eyeballs in it. I think he uses it mostly for *cough* tomatoes.

Anyway, gotta run off and maximize some of those cross-media metrics. Which is a lot easier than trying to synthesize synergistic vortals…

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