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Friday, June 3rd, 2005 | Life in Czeltistan

We had a fantastic time in New York. The weather could not have been nicer, the company could not have been better. A zillion thanks (again!) to chico, vidiot & B for being such wonderful hosts and tour guides.

We got in Saturday late-morning after a brief, yet swell, airline delay. (Thank you, false warning light, for ensuring that I got up at 4:30 am for no reason!) There was some messing around with NJ Transit trains (Can we get you guys some intelligible signage? Please?), but we finally met up with Alka for lunch in Weehawken and then later Alex joined us for some coffee and very yummy Portugese bakery in Newark. (Yes, we know that means we spent half our day so far driving up and down the NJ coast. Work with us.) After that, it was out to Astoria to drop our luggage at Hotel Chico. Drinking ensued (Shocking, I know, and yet it did), as did drunken 9622 posting.

Sunday was greeted with a brief round of swearing at the neighborhood church bells (that may have just been Christyl & me doing that), then brunch, bloody marys and a round of wallet hunting before heading into the city.

First stop: The Met, which was gloriously FREE with vidiot’s work ID. We poked around in the Modern Art collection for a little bit and I geeked out when I found out the Met’s got my favorite-ever piece of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s. (I may have also geeked a bit over this tea infuser. But it’s so cute!) Also had a laugh over the fact that they have our conference room chairs in their collection. After that, it was up to the Roof Garden, which is currently sporting a group of works by Sol LeWitt and, of course, fantastic views of the city.

Next stop was to pick up vidiot’s girlfriend B and make an attempt to see the Nomadic Museum. Naturally, it was closed. Just to spite us, I’m pretty sure. (Ok, maybe not.) Luckily we’re an adaptable lot, so we walked the Hudson River Park down to the Battery to catch the Staten Island Ferry. Lots of interesting stuff along the parkway — several small parks, playgrounds, mini-golf, free kayak rentals and a trapeze school (seriously). After much walking, we reached the ferry. Great day for the ride out to Staten Island and back.

And y’know what tons of walking and a ferry ride gets you? Hungry, that’s what. And when you’re hungry in NY, what’s better than Lombardi’s pizza? Oh, lord, that stuff is good. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. And of course, the perfect thing to do after pizza is walk across the street and get some rice pudding to bring home. After that, it was off to Scratchers for beers and to meet up with Christyl’s friend Sherri, after which vidiot & B decided to call it a night, then to Angel’s Share for more cocktails before heading home with the world’s chattiest cabbie.

Sunday was a little less eventful. Another late start, followed by brunch at another of Astoria’s fine local establishments. (Hey — a full Irish fry-up for under $8? I’m moving in.) Then it was time to say our farewells to chico. He had family to visit and we had more of the city to pillage. We headed in to Penn Station, ditched the luggage and headed out to explore. Walked up Broadway to Times Square. Had to get to the Howard Johnson to have an ice cream sundae before they closed the place down. Special thanks to the brief downpour for holding off until we were safely inside, enjoying our ice cream. Sure did look wet outside. Heh. After that, we wandered back down 7th Ave. into Koreatown, then stopped off for a pint before catching our train out to the airport.

My photos from the trip are here. Vidiot’s got a ton of pix up, as well. (He doesn’t have ‘em in a set. They’re at the top of his photostream now, but if he adds more, you’ll want to start here and work your way up.) Maybe someday, chico and Christyl will post their photos. (Hint!)

Ok. Back to work with me.

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