St. Geldof strikes again

Tuesday, July 5th, 2005 | You Call This News?

I won’t bore you with Live8 discussion. To be honest, I watched Bob (‘coz even though he’s gotten old and creepy lookin’ over the last 20+ years, I still think he’s the cat’s meow) and then only popped my head in once or twice more throughout the day to see what was up. I just can’t take any more of MTV than 2-3 minutes at a time. Why is it we can’t get decent BBC coverage of these things over here? I heard they did a fantastic job of it. Besides, they had this gem of an idea from Ricky Gervais. What did we get? Nothing even remotely this cool, just loads of commercials for body spray. *sigh*

Make sure you check out the other Live8 clips Ricky’s got posted. They’re all pretty good. As usual.

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Hey, watchit…we’re all gonna be old and creepy lookin’ someday!

Heres a couple of pretty funny shots of Sir Bob copping a feel off my pal Jenny Lens back when he was young and creepy looking.

czeltic girl

That’s a riot, Mr. B. Thanks for passing that on.

And even though we’ll all get old, hopefully none of us will get as creepy lookin’ as Bob has. What happened, brother?


Yeah, I have to confess that I was pretty shocked by his recent appearance. Bono is looking like an old codger these days too.

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