Monday already?

Monday, July 11th, 2005 | Life in Czeltistan

Lovely weekend, even if it didn’t come with much sleep. Little on the warm side, but thanks to the miracle of air conditioning, I didn’t notice the heat too much.

Saturday was the annual trip to Summerfest to remind myself why it is I don’t go to Summerfest. I suppose it does keep all the immature drunks and cover bands in one place for 12 hours a day, though. Met up with Christyl at Hockey Husband’s abode and we had a few brewskis with him and a few of his Sushi Society buddies before wandering over to the grounds. The bands we saw were good, even if the sound wasn’t. On tap for the afternoon were Michelle Anthony, Mindy Smith and Shelby Lynne. I wish Shelby would have rocked out a bit more. She was playing slower stuff and was getting drowned out by the rock acts on the stages to either side. I was also a little surprised at how small the crowd was for her show. Guess everyone was over at the Collective Soul show a couple stages down (or at least that’s how it seemed when I tried to walk through there to catch the bus home). Ah well. More room for the rest of us at Shelby.

Sunday was Club Garibaldi’s 5th Anniversary Party. Not that it’s Garibaldi’s 5th, or anything. More like 5th decade, but 5th year with the current owners, so that’s a fine excuse for a party. Many friends in attendance, including some I haven’t seen in years. The Carolinas, Lackloves and Mighty Deerlick played. (Or, as I like to call it, The Jack Rice Show. Milwaukee’s small. We can only afford one bass player. Everyone has to share.) Beverages were consumed in excess all around, a pig was roasted, a good time was had by all. Monday morning came way too soon, but it was worth it. Photos from the day can be found here.

And before I go, can I just take a second to extol the virtues of craigslist? We needed a new tenant for the upper flat in the duplex. I posted the notice at around midnight on Saturday of the holiday weekend. Got the first response at 8:30am the next morning. Showed the apartment at 3:30pm and had an application in hand before the end of the day. Most painless tenant search EVER. Found the downstairs tenant through CL, too. I think that’s the way to go from now on. Sure is better than running an ad in the paper.

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Ahh, the Lackloves. Haven’t seen them in ages. What happened to Dedrik? He was dead cute.

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