Get yer MDL here! Franke-infused MDL. Last call.

Thursday, August 4th, 2005 | Life in Czeltistan

For those of you in Milwaukee, make sure you stop at Points East on Friday for Dan Franke’s last Mighty Deerlick show before moving to Austin. The band isn’t likely going anywhere, even though it’s soon to be down to one original member, (maybe they should rename it the “Dave Deerlick Experience”. No, maybe not.) but it somehow just won’t be the same without Dan. After 20-ish years, he’s become something of a fixture.

So stop by, wish him well and enjoy the lovely musical stylings of the Deerlick and Heathrow. While you’re there, marvel at how much taller Points East looks without that stupid drop ceiling. Yay, renovation!

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A little bird told me Mike D.and Troy Coolhand will be in the house AND taking turns rocking the mic.Wobble Test and Coolhand Band fans take note.This show is going to RAWK!!!!

czeltic girl

John, that is AWESOME news. Christyl & I were just talking about Wobble Test the other day. Can’t hardly wait.

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