Not as rock and roll as previously thought

Monday, August 8th, 2005 | Life in Czeltistan

I wussed out on going out Saturday. Probably a good thing, as I still have no voice today. (So those of you who try to call me will likely get the machine. Sorry. When I can speak again, I’ll call you back.)

Not much else to report from the weekend. Spent a lot of it sleeping and generally resting, trying to get rid of whatever ailment has plagued me. It’s kind of like that first day before you get a cold — the aching muscles and general feeling of impending doom — but as near as I can tell after 3 days, the laryngitis and a bit of a related cough are the only actual effects of the illness. Still, I’ve armed myself with several packets of Beechams and am determined to be in full health just in time to trash it again at Irish Fest.

Many thanks to the Deerlick, Troy Coolhand, Wobble Test’s Mike D, Hobes and the Heathrows for a fantastic evening Friday. Those of you who couldn’t be there missed a 30-song Deerlick set and loads of fun. My photos are here and the first batch of Christyl’s start here. (Someone has used up her upload capacity for the month, so it’ll be awhile before the rest of her stuff gets uploaded.)

And the deadline that ate my life has passed (the site’s live! the site’s live!), so I should have a little more time this week to pay attention to my poor little blog. Hooray!

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