Oooh. Want!

Monday, August 8th, 2005 | Design-y Bits

They’re vinyl, which won’t do anything nice for my skin, but I soooooo must have one of these very cool photo cuffs.

I also ran across a couple other fabulous items which I love. First is this punk rock sock monkey. She’s so rawk. Second is this CMYK shirt. I may be a web monkey now, but after spending 10+ years in print, there’s just something comforting about those four little letters. (I also kind of like Ampersand’s font t-shirts.)

Hmm. I think tonight’s lesson might be “NyQuil and browsing the internet may be hazardous to your credit cards.” Luckily they’re in the other room and I’m too loopy to get up and go get them.

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Those photo cuffs are great! I might have to get me one too.

Pete Prodoehl

I think I’d prefer an RGB shirt, I’d like to forget my print past… Though that futura shirt is pretty cool…


I love the photo cuffs! The quality was better than expected. I bought one and kept getting comments everyday. So I bought two more, one for my girl friend’s bday gift and one for my boyfriend. The great thing about it is that I can personalize the cuffs with my own photos before giving it to them. Definitely have this bookmarked for bday and xmas gift ideas! Just thought I’d share my experience with everyone.

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