RIP, Miss Ellie

Wednesday, August 10th, 2005 | You Call This News?

Well, foo. First Peter Jennings and now Barbara Bel Geddes.

While my first exposure to her may have been because of her role as Miss Ellie in Dallas, my first thought when I hear her name is always of her character in Vertigo. It still makes me sad when I see that movie that Jimmy Stewart spends all that time pining for Madeleine when Midge, who is every bit as attractive and not nearly as crazy, is right there in front of him.

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I was wondering who the third would be — Ibrahim Ferrer, Peter Jennings, and now her.

(Either that, or it actually started with Little Milton, Peter Jennings capped off the three, and Barbara Bel Geddes is starting an entirely new set of three.)


Yup, some menfolk go for the crazy chicks just like those gals who can’t seem to resist bad boys.


Some guys can’t resist bad boys, either.

She was *hot* in Vertigo, and tragically shorted on the screen time. Kim Novak is not all that.

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