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Monday, December 2nd, 2002 | General

Hello all. Sorry for the total lack of notice that I was taking a technology break last week. Took the week off work and (except for two short occasions) took the week off the computer. I was in dire need of a vacation. Batteries needed recharging, sanity needed restoring, etc. Oh, and there was turkey to be eaten. Mmmm. Turkey. (Happy belated Thanksgiving to all. Hope you’re all out of your turkey comas.)

I had myself a very lovely break. Went to the Holiday Folk Fair. Did some housecleaning, which was much-needed. Didn’t get through as much as I wanted, but I made a sizeable dent, so I’m happy. Did the Turkey Day thing with the family. Went to a friend’s “30 + 12 months” birthday party. Spent too much money at IKEA (but now have a lovely new coffee table). Watched a bunch of DVDs and listened to a bunch of CDs (finally getting to take some time to listen to my swap CDs, too). Played with the kitties (mine and others’). Found out I’ll be heading out to San Fran in April for a wedding. Did a lot of sleeping. Met lots of new people.

All in all — a fine week.

Best part of the week, though — spending lots of time with the new squeeze. Yay. Much, much fun. I am a smitten kitten. (Apologies to all of my friends, who are no doubt quite nauseated by me lately.)

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