Oh, hell (part II)

Friday, August 26th, 2005 | Again with the hockey

From the Business Journal:

The Milwaukee Admirals hockey club has hired Yes Men Corp., Milwaukee, to design a new logo and develop a new color scheme for the American Hockey League franchise.

An investment group led by Harris Turer, a Milwaukee property management executive, purchased the Admirals from the estate of Jane Pettit in January.

Since 1976, when Jane and Lloyd Pettit purchased the minor league hockey team from Bill Chimo, the Admirals have used a “Captain Crunch-like” character, said Joe Locher, president of the Yes Men ad and design firm.

“We want to retool the brand by getting away from the old Admiral and with the idea it has to be more appealing to kids,” said Locher, who hopes to have the new look ready for the season that gets under way in October.

Oh, good. “More appealing to kids” than Captain Crunch? I have to cry now.

Also, I find it funny that that particular statement comes from a guy with a 20-gauge stainless steel business card that has instructions for how to use it to kill people. (Not that I’m against that, necessarily. I just think it’s odd he wants to do “kid-friendly.”)

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Does this Crocker Stephenson always write like that?

And Joe Locher sounds like a pretentious fuckwit.


And Joe Locher sounds like a pretentious fuckwit.

Vidiot for student council.

czeltic girl

No, Crocker doesn’t usually write like that.

Johnny B

More kid friendly than the Cap’n?

HERESY! I’m an overgrown kid and I still love the Cap’n!

Heaven protect us from design firms that think that logos and uniforms for sports teams are just branding opportunities…

The Yes Men

I like the Cap’n, too — just not as a hockey brand. Kids don’t want a cartoonish old man on their chest – ask one and see. Why don’t you morons wait and see the new Admirals design before you go off half-cocked? You just might like it. Or maybe that’s just me being pretentious again.

The Admiral

Joe is edgy, get it? He’s an edgy guy. With a sharp business card, he’s saying, “Hey! I’m edgy!” The whole “how to kill someone with my business card” shlock is just a whitey white boy trying way too hard. Fact is, this jackass IS EXACTLY what he purports to be against. A brilliant snake-oil salesman and a shameless self-promoter, though. Gotta give him that. Not a lot of cred in self-glossing, tho.

A million-dollar insurance policy he took out on his own brain?!? What kind of arrogant prick does that?

[...] rent crest on them. And ditch that stupid blue line through the font. *sigh* Gee. Never could have seen this coming. *snicker* posted by czeltic girl on 08.01.06 @ 7:04 pm [...]


Hmm – first thing that comes to mind is cap’n crunch in beer. Why is that Sam??


It’s douchebags like that whot giv designers a bad name!